What Makes a Bar Good?

Running a bar isn’t simple. If you thought that all you need to do is to get a good looking establishment and offer popular drinks and you’re done, then starting a bar isn’t for you. You’re better off starting a different kind of business – in fact, if that is your mindset, then you shouldn’t even bother starting a business that heavily relies on providing customer service at all. Anyway, if that intro didn’t make you frown your eyebrows, then I’ll say that you’ve passed!

You see, running a bar isn’t just about pouring delicious drinks to your customers. It’s way more than that. Even an average menu with average taste is much better if it has the right atmosphere, feel, and customer service. The drink alone doesn’t make a bar great. Everything that makes and operates the bar affects how customers perceive its drinks, snacks, and food and these are the factors that will make or break your bar’s success.

So what makes a good bar? Let’s see!

The Community

This is an important part of every bar: the community. What kind of people comes and goes to your bar? What kind of people stays in your bar the longest? What kind of people comes very often to your bar? How do they interact with your bartenders and staff and even to other customers? Or perhaps to you?

If your bar is full of people who really know your place, it means you’ve successfully built a strong and loyal community. Be happy because you might be able to help people find and build strong relationships: from friends, couples and business relationships. You see, a bar isn’t just all about the drinks or the profit, it should also be about your patrons, your customers – the people who come to your bar.

If you are able to build a strong community, then that means you’re able to gain tons of loyal customers and the more of them, the better for your bar! Loyal customers help businesses last longer and even gain more business.

Your Offerings

What do you have to offer? Make sure you have a variety of choices. From the most popular ones to exotic ones, if your budget allows it, try offering as much as you can. Of course, you have to make sure that your menu has items that will actually sell.

Aside from the variety of your offerings, you have to ensure that you’re always stocked. It can be frustrating for a customer to order something that they highly anticipate only for the bartender to tell them that it’s out of stock.

Another thing that’s worth considering, actually, very important about your offerings, is having an original or signature cocktails. This gives you a competitive edge. However, making an original cocktail isn’t that easy. You have to consider your customer’s demographics, age, and tastes in order to create the perfect signature cocktail that tailors to your customers.

Consider serving foods, chips, and dips. They are a great accompaniment for alcohol consumption and many people actually considers food as a mandatory accompaniment for their drinking sessions.

Your Staff

A truly great bar doesn’t rely solely on offering great foods and drinks – they also rely on providing the best customer service to your clients.

The friendliness of your staff, especially your bartenders and waiting staff is of paramount importance. They are the face of your bar so it’s only essential that they embody your mission, vision, and statement.

In fact, no matter how great your food and drinks are, if you have poor customer service, then customers may come but only very rarely. Some might even only come just to taste your offerings once and never come back again.


A successful bar fills the needs of its customers and that need differ from place to place. However, a good bar owner and bartenders know how to work it out and they will adapt their services to better fit to their customer’s needs.