About Me

Hello and hope you’re having a good day! My name is Troy Jensen and I am an avid traveler! Oh, by the way, I’m not just a mere traveler, I am a traveler seeking for the best bars, pubs, lounges, clubs and other related establishments our country (and soon the world) has to offer!

My journey started when I was in my college years. I love hanging out! Oh I know what you’re thinking… but don’t get me wrong, I’m not that kind of person you think of! In fact, I am one of the best of my class back in college. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I also think the way you are… you know – when I hear someone say to me “I love hanging out!”, then I immediately have the impression that that person is a lazy bum, unproductive or… you know… a ****! But you know, we shouldn’t judge people by their hobbies or attitude or appearance. Unless we really know that person from head to toe, we can’t say for sure that they are *that kind* of person.

Ok, enough about philosophical lessons! Let’s get back to the reason about why I built this site. As you knew, one of the favorite things I do was to hang out with my friends. As young adults, we often explore new places near our city and most of them are bars, clubs and lounges. It sort of became a habit, even became a little bit of addiction – we can’t rest easily unless we can find a new place to checkout once every other week.

We generally check out and try out everything a place has to offer before moving on to the next, then we’d do some sort of reviews where we write a journal and we share them with one another. Then, we suddenly made it big after we published a personal blog on our school’s intranet. Tons of students are checking it out and they often told us that our reviews and guides were very helpful!

And then things continued and we graduated. Now I’m living a solo life for a while and I decided to travel around the country and perhaps the world, checking our bars, lounges, pubs, clubs, etc. The reason I created this website is because I loved sharing my experiences with others. In addition to that, I also love sharing my knowledge about these places as well as about bartending too! I’m actually studying bartending right now and as such, one of the main focuses of this blog is to share my what I learn about. Why? This is to speed up my learning experience. I read somewhere that when you learn something, you learn it better and faster if you teach it to someone else or if you actually perform it.

Thank you for spending time with me here on my about page! I hope you didn’t mind my long story…

Anyway, I look forward to serving you quality content! If you happen to have any questions, you may use the contact form in this page! Again, thank you and have a nice day.

Troy Jensen